Volunteer Dundee can offer you help and support to involve volunteers in your organisation.

We provide a range of support options; opportunities to network; training and forums; all designed to share knowledge and best practice in managing your volunteers.

We can provide support and guidance using a range of tools including:

  • Advertising your volunteer roles online, via our volunteering newsletter and through the team at our community outreach locations
  • Measuring the impact of volunteers using Volunteer Impact Assessment Toolkit (VIAT) –
    great for seeing the difference volunteers make across your organisation
  • Mentoring and support to achieve the Volunteer Friendly Award, a Quality Standard in Volunteer Management– great for reviewing how you do things against best practice standards
  • Networking opportunities – Volunteer Managers Forum Peer Support Workshops and Online Sharing – great to meet others and find out what is going across the sector and share issues and practice
  • Promoting any one-off volunteering events direct to volunteers interested in one-off opportunities – great to target volunteers for any one-off events
  • Advertising and promoting your committees / board vacancies – great to help you recruit new people onto your board
  • Guidance on developing your volunteer roles – great to see if you could involve volunteers in any other areas of your group or in areas where we know there is demand
  • Volunteer Management Training modules covering getting started to involve volunteers, recruitment, retention and recognition of volunteers that link into the strands of the Volunteer Friendly Award – great for those new to managing volunteers and a good starting point for the Volunteer Friendly Award

Volunteer Management Resources

Volunteer development resources are available on the Community Toolkit on Dundee Voluntary Action’s website. This toolkit covers everything from Involving Volunteers, Recruiting and Selecting Volunteers, Supporting and Motivating Volunteers and Volunteer Management Challenges. You can find the toolkit HERE

Register Your Organisation

To access all of this support and more, please register your organisation with us. You can find out more here