The Young Carers Voice group from Dundee Carers Centre is a Youth Volunteering Team of the Year finalist in the forthcoming award ceremony.

Young Carers Voice is a small group of young volunteers who through various duties aim to improve the lives of young carers. With this aim in mind their objectives include raising the awareness of young carers to help others identify themselves within this group, helping increase support for young carers in schools and other agencies, increasing group membership and influencing the implementation of the Carers Act in Dundee.

To accomplish these goals, the team carry out different activities and attend several events which have seen positive results. For instance, some of their work with schools involved an event at Dundee Carers Centre for school staff to highlight Young Carers policies, a Primary School poster competition to raise awareness of young carers and creating a roadshow to be taken to local high schools. These efforts were highly praised; being covered by local newspapers and reaching over 1200 pupils resulting in at least 34 additional young people being identified as young carers. The group were even invited along to important affairs such as visiting the Scottish Parliament and attending First Minister Questions and a Q&A launch with Joe Fitzpatrick MSP on his first day in the role of Public Health Minister. They also have participated in a Scottish Government Consultation on the proposed Young Carer Grant and a consultation with Dundee City Council based on Young Carer Statements. Their hard work has not stopped there either, with leadership skills being demonstrated in a Dundee head teachers’ conference to address the implementation of the Carers Act and YVC presenting at the Dundee Carers AGM in 2017 and 2018.

Some of these opportunities are challenging and heavy tasks for a group of young people, especially when many have busy lifestyles, therefore their enthusiasm and commitment is deemed more rewarding.  YCV as a team have contributed to the community itself, by making some of the work intended by the Carers Centre possible and ultimately increasing the awareness of being a young carer. All the best to YCV for the Inspire Awards!

Rachel – Media Volunteer at Volunteer Dundee