Warryn Whyte is a Harris Academy pupil receiving a Saltire Summit Award for his involvement in various voluntary projects.

Warryn has won this award based on his ability to exceed all expectations in his role as a volunteer. He was once a young person who had difficulties in peer relationships, was socially isolated and spent his free time in the house, but his experience has seen him grow as an individual and total up 261 hours of voluntary work.

The projects Warryn has been involved in include; the volunteer programme at Corso Street Sheltered Housing, community fundraising and the CLD West End Team.  All of these opportunities have helped Warryn escape his comfort zone, mature, increase his confidence and improve his communication skills – shaping him into a great role model and ambassador for his school!

As well as winning this award for overcoming personal struggles, Warryn’s hard working nature is also award worthy.  Warryn is part of a volunteer programme at Corso Street Sheltered Housing and was a crucial member in the school winning an Intergenerational Award from Generations Working Together 2018. Within the project he is involved in the planning, preparing and actively works with the school and residents to ensure the success of the programme.

His commitment to volunteering is also highlighted through his involvement with school and communicating fundraising; he has helped out with ‘bucket-shaking on a Saturday’ for ‘Taught By Mohammed’, ‘The West Fest’, Community Garden, Menzieshill and the CLD West End Team. Ultimately, Warryn’s efforts have positively impacted the organisations he is part of, and the community.  Without his involvement, some of these programmes may not have achieved several of their successes, and young people may not be aware of the benefits of volunteering. Well done on your efforts and award Warryn!

Rachel – Media Volunteer at Volunteer Dundee