Muahid Iqbal is a PSYV senior volunteer receiving a Saltire Summit Award for his contributions to PSYV and the community. Muahid is a hard-working and committed individual, which is reflected through his experience with PSYV; he is a full-time school student who juggles studying for his Highers, along with attending almost every event given to the group.

His dedication to PSYV also shines through his excellent police knowledge – he was a winner for Police Knowledge throughout the country! As well as working hard, Muahid strives to be a good team member and respected by his group. For instance he was recently promoted to senior, is one of the first people the youth volunteers go to for help and always updates his team with any information which has been passed to him. Muahid also has a high standard of uniform discipline and encourages his team to take part in this also, assisting them if they struggle with this in any way.

Finally, he is known for being very polite and professional in his role; he has been praised by police staff at volunteer events for his manners, and recognised for acting calmly and maturely at a volunteer event when he and his colleague were verbally abused by someone. Muahid is deserving of a Saltire Summit Award as he is identified as a great representation of PSYV to his local police division and community. Well done on all your efforts Muahid!

Rachel – Media Volunteer at Volunteer Dundee