Nominated in the Young Volunteer of The Year category for his work with Police Scotland Youth Volunteers is Jack Crerar.

Jack joined PSYV in 2015 as a 15-year old youth volunteer; his volunteer journey has seen him grow from strength to strength including being quickly promoted to Deputy Senior, Senior Youth Volunteer and most recently, becoming an adult volunteer. All of this takes place whilst he balances studying for exams, working and preparing for University. This demonstrates his natural hard-working nature and commitment to the organisation.

What stands out about this individual is his enthusiasm and dedication to his team.  The relationships Jack has fostered, supported, encouraged and mentored through his involvement with PSYV is admirable for his age. For example, he is known for being a welcoming face, and supporting new recruits whilst maintaining a team spirit. He regularly provides young people with confidence to try their best and take pride in what they do, at the same time as creating friendly banter. Jack can also recognise and reward good behaviour; he has previously spoken with staff and informed them regarding one of the YV’s hard-work at an event.  His enthusiasm and commitment to his peers are also qualities shown through humble gestures such as putting other’s needs before his own when attending awards events.  All of this has shaped Jack into a positive role model.

Jack’s leadership skills and commitment to others is also reflected through his advocacy for young people. For example, he was promoted to Senior Youth Volunteer due to his attitude with other YVs and ensuring they get a say. He has fought for young people to be more involved in the planning process and has since made changes to include young people in PSYV’s AGMs. He has even regularly approached adult volunteers with any issues within the group, and arranged meetings with staff to ensure the group was running properly and to the full benefit of the young people. As a result, a management page was set up so staff could communicate with seniors about new ideas for the group.

Jack has shown great key features for a Young Volunteer of the Year nominee! Good luck at the Inspire Awards!

Rachel – Media Volunteer at Volunteer Dundee