Link Up Whitfield volunteer Ellie Tierney is another recipient of the Saltire Summit Award. Ellie won based on her 18 months voluntary work as a dance leader, arts and crafts helper, and her efforts with other Link Up activities.

Her work as a UneekLinx Dance leader demonstrates award-worthy leadership skills and highlights that she has often driven the extra mile for the group. Ellie’s adopted role within the club involves planning and promoting the group, along with choreographing the dances. This is a real asset to Link Up who aimed to provide young girls a space to carry out activities, which the group were expected to run themselves, allowing the girls to make their community a better place to live. She also regularly uses her initiative to create plans for the dance sessions in advance, so that the girls have a focus and know what they will be doing every week. This demonstrates her hard-working nature and commitment to the club and its members.

Furthermore, she has developed her leadership skills by providing support in challenging situations – Ellie has ensured that the girls have a safe, welcoming and positive experience despite issues with mental health and self-harm being prevalent in the group. Finally, her bubbly, bright and empathetic personality has made her approachable to younger participants and encouraged everyone to express themselves.

Before Ellie was a volunteer leader, she was a keen member of UneekLinx and her experience has seen her grow in confidence, reliability and social skills. Her work with UneekLinx has only been the first chaper of her volunteer experience; Ellie has also helped at summer festivals, contributed to LinkUp’s Christmas fayre and has recently started volunteering as a Youth Ambassador through Volunteer Dundee. Congratulations on your Saltire Summit Award Ellie!

Rachel – Media Volunteer at Volunteer Dundee