Receiving a Saltire Summit award at our Inspire awards is Becky Milne for her volunteer work as a Livewire Leader at RockSolid Dundee.

Becky for six years has dedicated her Friday evenings to leading a group of games and activities for children in the Livewire group.  She is deemed award worthy due to her committed nature. For instance, she has contributed a significant six years of volunteer work to the RockSolid organisation (despite their difficulty in obtaining volunteers).  Furthermore, her passion has sent her above and beyond where she often with very short notice steps in with games and activities when the group is short of volunteers.

Becky is also a hard working volunteer who often puts her creative streak and innovation to good use, using her sporting skills to develop creative games that the children enjoy.  Finally, her approachable, trustworthy and energetic personality has caused her to be a popular volunteer within the community, well-known by local families and overall a positive role model.

Through her example, other young adults are now volunteering to become involved in Livewire, therefore making her an asset to the club and community. We look forward to celebrating your achievements at the Inspire Awards Becky!

Rachel – Media Volunteer at Volunteer Dundee