Alyssia Smith is one of our Volunteer of The Year finalists, at The Inspire Awards. Alyssia from Link Up Whitfield, is nominated for her involvement with the dance group and holiday activities.

This volunteer has made a significant contribution to the organisation and community through her own innovation. She was once a user of the services provided by Link Up, regularly attending the arts and crafts group, however one day approached a worker with the idea of creating a new dance group.  Her goal was to use the area run by volunteers, and provide dancing as a free activity for young people to get them off the streets and out of trouble. This resulted in Alyssia and her friend creating the UneekLinx dance group which has benefitted many young people today.

Moreover, her desire to help others is seen as something special. Whilst leading the dance group, Alyssia encourages the young people to be involved in choreographing the dances so they can take more control of their creativity and teamwork skills. She also strives for the group to establish a safe and friendly environment, where the girls have a space in which they can talk to others if they have any problems.

Alyssia’s sheer dedication to volunteering takes several forms. Firstly, her role with the dance group involves choreographing dances, promoting the group and finally, running it twice a week. She has also taken it upon herself to provide an ear to the young people if they have any worries. Alyssia has even given up her time to LinkUp Whitfield through other projects such as volunteering as a face painter at their Christmas Fayre, helping at their comic book workshop, assisting with the arts and crafts group and being involved in the Cinema Club. As a result, she is well-known for always willing to help out wherever she can in the organisation, and volunteering at most events which her college timetable allows her to.

All of this shapes Alyssia into a positive role model for the young girls within the community. Good luck at the Inspire Awards Alyssia!

Rachel – Media Volunteer at Volunteer Dundee