Ninewells Community Garden aims to promote physical activity and good health through community gardening; in an environment where horticulture supports wellbeing, therapy and rehabilitation. The garden is open for visitors every day and we work with a wide range of volunteers and partner organisations to offer sessions throughout the week for gardeners of all abilities.

We are looking for new members with skills and experience to contribute to the planning and strategic development of the garden as it develops, who have an understanding of the role or therapeutic / community gardens and an adherence to best practice of governance.

We would particularly welcome applications from people with knowledge and skills in Fundraising & finance, Marketing & advertising, and Horticultural Therapy

You will contribute actively to the committee through giving direction, setting policy, defining goals, setting targets and evaluating performance, help appoint and support the employees, participate in board meetings, reading relevant reports in advance, and safeguard the good name and values of Ninewells Community Garden.

For more information, please email