Turn2us is a national charity helping people when times get tough. Applying for benefits is a stressful process for many people. There are many forms to fill in, alien language and a lack of confidence that the situation will improve. The Turn2US project aims to help more people apply for the welfare support they are entitled to, through a volunteer buddying system.

Digital Buddy

As a Digital Buddy you will be matched with someone who has asked for some extra help in applying for benefits and you will provide online, one-to-one support. You will be a hand to hold for people looking for financial help. Your role is not to provide any form of advice. You can be a source of emotional and practical support to get someone through a hard time in their lives, all via your smartphone. You in turn will be supported by a Digital Benefits Supporter with expert knowledge of the UK Welfare System who will help you to answer any complex queries that come your way.

Digital Benefits Supporter

We know that the benefit application process is complex. No two cases are the same. That is where we need you. You will support Turn2US Digital Buddies by helping them to answer complex questions they get from people who have asked for extra support in applying for benefits. You will feel great knowing you are making an impact, supporting people through challenging times with your expert knowledge and experience of the benefits system. Your role is not to provide any form of advice. You will be giving practical support and information all from your smartphone. You will tell them when someone needs to be referred to an advisor, or signposting Digital Buddies to helpful services and information.

For more information, email volunteer@volunteerdundee.org.uk.