Leisure & Culture Dundee’s  main philosophy has been to create opportunities for children and young people from Dundee’s most deprived areas to participate in physical activity and sport, along with using sport as a tool to raise attainment levels, increase employability prospects and reduce anti-social behaviour levels.

You don’t need to be interested in sport to help your local Community Sports Hub. The West End Community Sports Hub are seeking a confident individual to work with club representatives as hub secretary. The hub secretary works with representatives from 8 local sports clubs to develop further sporting opportunities in the community. Bringing clubs together to share knowledge, resources and experience helps develop sport in the area. We are looking for an individual to deal promptly with all correspondence on the hub’s behalf and act as the main admin officer for the hub. This role gives an individual the opportunity to put their skills to good use to assist a community group, feel useful, create new relationships and build new skills. Hub meeting one evening per month. Approx 1 – 2 hours per week to carry out duties.

Should have admin skills, planning & organisational skills, leadership & communication, Good Grammar, IT literate and prepared to make a regular time commitment.

For more information, please email volunteer@volunteerdundee.org.uk.