Alzheimer Scotland is Scotland’s leading dementia charity. Established in 1994, our entire organisation is dedicated to understanding the challenges dementia brings and supporting people with dementia and their partners, families and carers to meet these challenges and live well with dementia. Our main aim is that no-one should go through dementia alone.

Volunteer Drivers

Volunteer Drivers will support individuals with dementia and possibly their carer/supporter to maintain independence and access Alzheimer Scotland Community Activities and Café. Drivers will be responsible for the safe transfer of individuals from their home to the activity and back again. Volunteer Drivers can engage in the activity or drop off the individual and return for them to transport them safely home at the end of the activity. Drivers should have a well maintained vehicle and Alzheimer Scotland will be required to have copies of vehicle/driver documentation. Drivers should have space to store a walking aid should the service user require such aids. Drivers may be asked to support more than 1 service user to/from the activity. Community Activities/Café take place in and around the City of Dundee. Monday-Friday.


Supporting individuals with dementia in their own home. Engaging in conversation and undertaking meaningful social activities. Befrienders would visit individuals with a diagnosis of dementia within their own home to undertake social conversation and support with social activities – reminisce, jigsaw, reading, puzzles, art/craft. Activities will be determined by both Befriender and Befriendee. This Befriending project will take place in and around the City of Dundee, Monday-Thursday.

For more information on either of these, please email