Gate Church International SCIO have been awarded a grant from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund to help the local community adopt low carbon lifestyles while providing help to those experiencing fuel and material poverty across Dundee. They have 3 volunteering opportunities as detailed below.

Give Box Assistant

Volunteers will help us sort clothing and household items on a Wednesday afternoon, which are donated through our Give Box scheme. These items are then distributed to a variety of partner organisations including Dundee Clothing Project and Starter Packs to help those most in need.

Community Fridge Assistant

Volunteers will help us maintain a Community Fridge that is clean and safe for anyone to use. Duties will include checking all food in the fridge is within ‘Use by’ dates and is safe to eat, occasionally collecting donations, cleaning the fridge and surrounding spaces and generally inspecting the area to ensure everything is in order. For the most part this will be done in the evenings before closing to ensure it is safe for opening in the morning.

Workshop Leader

We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about the local community and environmental issues, and who have some much needed skills to share. Anything that remotely translates to lowering carbon footprints, such as woodwork, upcycling, cooking, clothes repair/making, bike ride leader, gardening and grow your own and any type of fixing of electronics, bikes… or anything else!

If you don’t feel your skills are enough to lead a workshop, get in touch anyway and perhaps we can work something out. We have great facilities for running workshops but need others with a little expertise to come and help us!

There are also opportunities to take part in community events promoting the Carbon Saving Project, including fayre’s, open days, swap shops and other workshops.

For more information, please email