The Mid-Lin Help at Home is a new service which is part of Mid-Lin Day Care. The Help at Home service supports people over the age of 55 years who are returning home from hospital or are at risk of a hospital admission. They will require support from a volunteer to build confidence and independence in certain aspects of their lives.

We are looking for volunteers who will be able to support individuals referred to the Help at Home service with a range of tasks which may be home based or supporting them to access and carry out activities in the community.

The support provided by the volunteer with be over a set period of time, which will be set out in a personal plan that is put together with the individual and our support worker. The support with allow them to build confidence, independence and possibly to encourage friendships and building connections in the community.

Volunteer tasks may include, assisting individuals to access public transport, assisting in the collection of pensions or prescriptions, supporting to attend appointments or access groups in the community. Tasks with be set according to need with the individual and support worker with the aim that they will have the confidence and independence to carry out these tasks themselves.

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