Dundee Safe Zone is looking for a volunteer or volunteers who can assist us with some of the work that goes on behind the scenes, keeping the project on the road, and who have a particular interest in managing / maintaining vehicles.

The Safe Zone Bus is a 1997 Denis Dart Bus, specifically refit in 2014 to become the Safe Zone Bus. We work in partnership with Xplore Dundee, but the Bus needs to undergo a regular schedule of maintenance and we also deal with any issues that occur, both mechanically and internally. The bus is our main asset and keeping it in top condition is key to the success of the whole project. Volunteers interested in supporting this part of the project would be asked to assist with the following:

• Ensuring that a schedule of maintenance is adhered to
• Interim maintenance – liaise with garage over any faults identified on either vehicle
• Maintain interior of bus and ensure regular cleaning is undertaken
• Lend their expertise to any ongoing mechanical issues
• Fuelling of both the bus and our minibus
• Assist with transporting the bus to and from shifts

Volunteers would need to have a relevant driving licence in order to undertake some of these duties, or be willing to undergo training. This role would particularly suit anyone with a keen interest in buses or mechanics.

For more information and to apply, contact Kathryn Baker, Tayside Council on Alcohol 01382 456012.