Each day over Volunteers Week, we will be featuring a different charity or other non-profit organisation that relies on the help of volunteers. In their words, you will hear what these organistions do and the difference volunteers make to them.


Today, we hear from The GO Project. Read all about them below. If you would like to volunteer with GO, contact Lali on 01382 797352 or email lalitudela@volunteerdundee.org.uk.

Tell us about your organisation/project (who do you help and in what way?)

GO is community project that works hand in hand with the Dial-OP project to help people across Dundee link in with support services and community resources. GO is open to people aged 18 and over whose life is inhibited by some form of physical or mental impairment. Service users are matched with a volunteer on a one-to-one basis over a limited period of time and both participate in a shared activity previously discussed and agreed.

Activities mutually enjoyed include pampering sessions, walking groups, yoga and pilates classes, guitar lessons and aqua fit classes. GO volunteers can also accompany those referred to the project to medical appointments or benefit-related assessments on a one-off basis.

What difference do volunteers make to your organisation/project?

The role of the GO volunteers is pivotal to anything we do. They meet service users and spend quality time with them; they are instrumental to enable service users to enjoy physical/social activities and encourage them to become more confident and independent.

It is thanks to our volunteers that we can reach and offer support to vulnerable members of the community, providing a positive experience for all our service users. They bring fun, enthusiasm and happiness to those who engage with through their tireless commitment to Dial-OP & GO. The project would not be what it is without them.

Tell us more about the volunteering roles you have.

Dial-OP & GO is supporting the work of the Green Health Prescription initiative, by which doctors and health professional are encouraging their patients to engage with green activities as part of their treatment or as a preventative measure. Taking the first steps can be daunting though and we are already experiencing an increase in demand for GO volunteers available to support people to attend local greenspace activities, such as walking, cycling, gardening or conservation work. So if you or anyone one you know can lend a hand and support someone towards a happier and healthier lifestyle, please get in touch!

Tell us why volunteering for your organisation/project would be of benefit to an individual

Volunteering with the GO Project offers rewarding experiences and opportunities, which vary depending on each volunteer’s life circumstances and aspirations. For some, volunteering has been a stepping stone into employment or further education, for others an opportunity to feel accomplished and satisfied for making a positive difference to somebody’s life. Some volunteers also indicate that it reduces their own sense of loneliness and it increases their general wellbeing. True for all is that volunteering is not a one-way process, as they get as much back as they give.

If no-one volunteered, where would you be?

Without the time and dedication from our volunteers, existing levels of service capacity to support vulnerable adults would diminish hugely. Our service activity, along with the Dial-OP project, is wide-ranging and none of it would be possible without the commendable contribution of our fantastic volunteers!