Each month, we will be featuring a different charity or other non-profit organisation that relies on the help of volunteers. In their words, you will hear what these organistions do and the difference volunteers make to them.

This month, we hear from Tayside Re-Users. Read all about them below. If you would like to volunteer with Tayside Re-Users, contact Craig Anderson on 01382 228986 or email                                       craig@taysidereusers.co.uk.


Who do you help and in what way?

Tayside Re-Users has been operating within Dundee since 1995 and during this time has provided many community benefits around employment, volunteering, and work placement.

We work closely with partners providing placements and training for disadvantaged groups and unemployed people for organisations such as Helm, Wise Group, Barnardos, Employment Support Service, Castle Huntly, Rathbone, CJS, Forensic Community Mental Health Team, Physical Disabilities Team and Job Centre with on average 60 placements per year.

We work in partnership with Castle Huntly and Community Justice Services to offer work experience and the chance for offenders to rehabilitate and reintegrate into society. Over the last year we have provided 16 placements and is a Community Benefit we will be continuing.

We also offer household items and supply DCC Housing Dept with quality furniture and white goods for people in need.

What difference do volunteers make to your organization?

Tayside Re-Users covers such a vast array of re-usable items that Volunteers are essential to us being able to deliver services around Dundee. We diverted over 400 tonnes of goods last year from going to landfill and our volunteers were a large part of us achieving this. They provide help in all areas of the Charity from vans, warehousing, electrical repair, bicycles, social media and helping customers.



What volunteers do you need at the moment?

There is always space for more help at Tayside Re-Users, ideally we would like help on Saturdays helping with customer donations and purchases. We also have a small retail shop which has clothes, toys and bric-a-brac that would benefit someone who enjoys organising and making displays as well as someone looking to gain retail experience or perhaps looking to start their own business we can provide visual merchandising and customer experience training.

Here are details of all the volunteering opportunities Tayside Re-Users currently advertises with Volunteer Dundee:

Retail Assistant
Furniture Repairer / Joiner
Van & Warehouse Assistant
White Good Assistant
Bike Repairs
Paint Sprayer
Database Coordinator

And what benefits can they expect?

We offer our volunteers the opportunity to get involved and enjoy social interaction. Often our volunteers have been outside the workforce for a long time and have benefited through building their confidence and skills which helps to find future employment and well-being. We can’t pay them for their time but can provide them with a daily meal allowance and travel expenses plus a 20% discount in store.


If no-one volunteered, where would you be?

Tayside Re-Users has existed since 1995 as a charity & social enterprise involved in environmental matters. Without volunteers we would struggle to promote and raise awareness of the benefits of Re-Use to conserve resources. This would also impact our ability to offer quality affordable items to those struggling on low income.


T H A N K   Y O U

Thank you for looking into volunteering. As a charity, we know and see the difference you can make every day. From helping those facing difficulty or hardship to being a force for change in society. We hope you find it worthwhile and benefit in some way also. Around 1 in 4 adults in Dundee volunteer.

Volunteer Dundee