Each day over Volunteers Week, we will be featuring a different charity or other non-profit organisation that relies on the help of volunteers. In their words, you will hear what these organisations do and the difference volunteers make to them.


Today, we hear from Dial Op. Read all about them below. If you would like to volunteer with Dial-Op, contact Lali on 01382 797352 or email lalitudela@volunteerdundee.org.uk.

Tell us about your organisation/project (who do you help and in what way?)

Dial-OP is a community project that works hand in hand with the GO project to help people in Dundee stay connected and enjoy good quality lives. Dial-OP is a wide-ranging support service accessible to anyone aged 18 and above.

Dial-OP helps people across Dundee gain easy access to local information and support services of their interest through the Information Line. Dial-OP also lends a listening ear and friendly voice to people with limited social connections through Blether Buddies, and checks on people’s wellbeing on a daily basis through the Morning Call service.

What difference do volunteers make to your organisation/project?

Dial-OP volunteers are pivotal to anything we do and the lives and of our service users. They bring friendliness and positivity to our service users through weekly and/or daily calls, encouraging them through illnesses, challenges, and celebrating their successes too! One of our service users noted “the volunteers are exceptionally nice and cheerful. They brighten up my mood on a grey day and I look forward to my call every morning”.

Dial-OP volunteers create opportunities for people to engage with ordinary conversations and reconnect with their community. It is thanks to their contribution that isolated people feel less lonely and more valued; their input certainly makes a huge difference to the lives of those who may not speak to anyone else for days or even weeks.

Tell us more about the volunteering roles you have.

We are always looking for volunteers! The good news is that our volunteers roles are very flexible and you can even volunteer from the comfort of your home for as little as 20 minutes in the morning. Blether Buddies volunteers choose which and how many days they wish to get involved. Then they are matched with one (or more) of our service users and speak to them on a weekly basis. Morning Call volunteers also decide how much of their time they can commit to the project and then they conduct short calls on the days they are able to, between 8am and 10am.

Those who prefer to support people on a one-to-one, they have the opportunity to volunteer with the GO project and encourage people to attend community-based resources for social inclusion and activity participation.

Tell us why volunteering for your organisation/project would be of benefit to an individual.

Volunteering with Dial-OP offers rewarding experiences and opportunities, which vary depending on each volunteer’s life circumstances and aspirations. For some, volunteering has been a stepping stone into employment or further education, for others an opportunity to feel accomplished and satisfied in making a positive difference to somebody’s life. Some volunteers also indicate that it reduces their own sense of loneliness and it increases their general wellbeing. True for all is that volunteering is not a one-way process, as they get as much back as they give.

If no-one volunteered, where would you be?

Without the time and dedication from our volunteers, existing levels of service capacity to support vulnerable adults would diminish hugely. Our service activity, along with the GO project, is wide-ranging and none of it would be possible without the commendable contribution of our fantastic volunteers! Thank you to each and every one of you!