Another one of this year’s Saltire Summit Award winners is Sophie Murray.

Sophie Murray has been a Senior Youth Volunteer within PSYV for two and a half years and is recognised as consistently going above and beyond in her role. She does this by showing up to every possible volunteering event she can, and having one of the highest numbers of volunteering hours within her group. Sophie also has an admirable leadership style; she encourages others to have a go and take the lead to build up their confidence – something which is important for the shyer members of the team.

Sophie has made a positive impact on PSYV Dundee East through her volunteering hours and leaderships skills which she showcases through weekly sessions and volunteering events. Sophie’s transition from being shy to much more confident in her own ability, and helping others to gain that confidence too, ultimately inspires others and makes a difference to PSYV.

Well done on achieving the Saltire Summit Award Sophie!