Senior Youth Volunteer Muahid Iqbal is one of this year’s Young Volunteer of the Year finalists nominated for his dedication to Police Scotland Youth Volunteers (PSYV).

Muahid is a well-deserving Young Volunteer of the Year finalist for his commitment to the PSYV programme; he juggles his role with several other activities, all whilst striving to enrol in medical school. This sheer dedication also shines through previous awards he has received – such as regional and national PSYV awards for his police knowledge, and the Dundee East PSYV Youth Volunteer of the Year Award. Furthermore, this drive can be reflected within his team’s achievements – he has led them to receiving the most points against other PSYV groups for two years in a row!

The leadership skills Muahid demonstrates also make him a commendable finalist, and an inspiration to others. His overall role involves leading a number of young people on a weekly basis – during this he guides the group through drills, and supports them in perfecting routines. Muahid also shows leadership qualities at events. He has often come across difficult situations, and has always dealt with others in the most polite and professional manner.

All of Muahid’s efforts make a big difference to PSYV and his peers – so we wish him the best of luck at the upcoming Youth Volunteering Awards!