Melissa Rickerby is another volunteer who has gone above and beyond, becoming a 2019 Volunteer of the Year finalist.

Melissa is a passionate volunteer from BeFriends who loves being committed. She has been able to build a fantastic relationship with the young people she has worked with over her three years with the organisation, helped out with events and supported workers on home visits. Melissa is thought of as a great value to BeFriends, carrying all of this out whilst smiling and remaining enthusiastic.

The time and skills Melissa has dedicated to BeFriends has enhanced their service immensely. For example, she has brought forward innovative ideas which have inspired other volunteers with different ways to uplift their befriendees. She has also shown dedication in her one-to-one mentoring – ensuring her young people never miss out on a positive experience. As a result, the befriendees’ families and teachers have expressed how much Melissa’s efforts have positively changed lives.

Well done on all of your hard work Melissa and good luck at the upcoming awards!