Head Youth Volunteer Kirsty Turfus is one of this year’s Saltire Summit Award recipients awarded for her commitment to Police Scotland Youth Volunteers.

Kirsty’s dedication is reflected through the variety of roles and responsibilities she takes on. She regularly attends a variety of different events and takes part in many different activities – from selling raffle tickets to helping at concerts. Kirsty performs her duties to the highest standard, all whilst assisting her fellow youths, and checking to see if anything else needs help with. On top of all of her volunteer work she also balances a part time job and her studies – making her the perfect role model for those in the group who are a few years younger. Finally, Kirsty has made a positive impact to PSYV through her determination to make sure all the young volunteers have their voices heard – demonstrating her excellent leadership.

Well done on achieving the Saltire Summit Award Kirsty!