Harry McEwan from BeFriends is one of our Trustee/Board Member of the Year finalists at the upcoming Volunteer Awards.

When Harry joined the board of BeFriends, it was known that the organisation had lost its way. However, his intervention in 2018 involved creating a plan of action which moved the organisation into its current position. The charity has since turned a large accounts deficit in 2018 into a surplus, started a children’s group, extended the service to include 18-25 year olds and currently attempts to introduce an on-call service to volunteers. All of this has been achieved through Harry’s dedication to applying for grants, and support for volunteering – he has been a volunteer himself for over 25 years and knows first-hand how beneficial the service is! Harry’s leadership has also allowed the organisation to develop and grow; where his calm and controlled manner prevented members of the board, volunteers and young people being concerned about the charity’s uncertain future.

Harry demonstrates excellent qualities of a Trustee/ Board Member of the Year finalist, and we wish him the best of luck at the 2019 Volunteer Awards!