Have you ever thought about joining a charity board? If not, why not?

Traditionally board members have been retired men and women with long and illustrious backgrounds in business; however, things have and continue to change. Charities recognise the value of diversity and are actively engaged in adding this to their boards.

A diverse board helps insure organisations are informed, responsive and reflective of the communities they work in. Diversity provides a range of views, ideas & skills, which strengthen the organisation and better position it to meet the challenges of the ever-changing environment. Boards whose trustees have different backgrounds and experience are more likely to encourage debate and to make better decisions.

Charity board members are volunteers giving back in a different way, they are the core group of people who guide, direct and run charitable, or not-for-profit, organisations. They don’t necessarily conduct fundraising duties or make the day-to-day decisions for the organisation, but they are the ones who steer the charity’s resources and ensure the aims and directives are met.

Having a good and effective board of trustees benefits all, the organisation itself, the people who give up their time to get involved in the oversight of a charity’s administration and the recipients of the organisation; it is a different way of ‘giving’ to organisations and provides opportunities to develop skills and knowledge. So! Why should you consider becoming a board member?

Board membership offers some key benefits for personal development;

• It is an opportunity to gain new skills while developing existing ones, i.e. strategic skills and experience that are difficult to gain elsewhere. Experience that will enhance your CV and support future career goals

• It is an opportunity to have a voice and a representation in the running of a charity, to make a difference and help shape the future of your city

• It offers unique networking opportunities, including the opportunity to interact with, work with and learn from senior leaders and representatives in different sectors

• You will learn what it takes to run an organisation and make key decisions

• You will be supporting a charity and giving in a valuable and significant way

Charities make a big difference in all aspects of our society. Achieving this requires the hard work and commitment of thousands of charity trustees who give their time and energy to Scotland’s charities. Commitment, enthusiasm, drive to make a difference and team work are key to board membership.

Don’t let things like, age, background or experience put you off, if you have a passion to make a difference, get in touch for more information or to talk over options.

Gill Faichney
07719 969233