The Saltire Awards have been given a fresh new look and you can do loads more with the website. Here are the key changes.

The Awards are now more self-managing. Through the website, Volunteers are connected to their Volunteer Managers by email. When the volunteer reaches a certificate milestone, the Volunteer Manager automatically receives an email requesting that they verify the hours. After this, the volunteer can access a Digital Certificate which they can download and also print. Previously only we could issue certificates but now they are available at the click of a mouse.

Here is a video tutorial for signing up to the website

So if you are under 26, get some extra recognition for your volunteering through a Saltire Awards certificate.


Groups who manage volunteers now also have access to the website and can create and print certificates for their volunteers. This Group Administrator function is being phased in and a handful of groups have already tried it out.

How to become a Group Administrator.

We will continue to be available for printing certificates for individuals or groups as the need arises.