The Dundee Safe Zone Volunteers are our other 2019 Volunteer Team of the Year finalists.

The Dundee Safe Zone are hardworking individuals who volunteer at unsociable hours to support anyone who may find themselves in crisis in Dundee City Centre. The volunteers provide a friendly ear, and go above and beyond to make sure others are safe. They work hard to create a rapport with all service users, regardless of personal circumstances or background, and always display a positive attitude despite the circumstances.

This team have made a difference to their organisation by giving it their all. Some members have pushed themselves out of their comfort zone by learning to drive big vehicles, whilst other have received training in first aid, alcohol and drugs. They have even been called up at short notice if the attendance of the Safe Zone Bus has been requested at one-off events. All of this allows the project to deliver a high standard of care and create a reduction in fear of crime – efforts praised by outside agencies!

The Dundee Safe Zone has also made a difference to the community – for instance in the current financial year, treating over 800 individuals and assisting 6 who were deemed at risk of suicide. Moreover, they have partnered up with Dundee University and have provided support to 268 students!

We wish the best of luck to the team at the upcoming awards ceremony!