David Millar – a Link Up Development Officer – is one of our Volunteer Manager/ Coordinator of the year finalists.

Dave’s role is to support volunteers in several groups at Link Up including the men’s group, gardening group, dance group, cinema club, craft group and walking group. He strives to build the capacity of volunteers so that they feel valued, get the necessary training they need and help them to develop their group in the way that they wish to.

Dave is always aiming to enhance volunteers’ experiences and ensure that they have the opportunity to develop themselves. He has organised training for groups of volunteers including first aid, heart start, walk leadership, and will also encourage people to put themselves forward! He also supports volunteers by always listening to them and helping them make decisions – he has an open-door policy with his volunteers and has often helped refer to various other services including housing, foodbank and counselling.

Finally, Dave always makes sure to recognise volunteers by thanking them each week, sitting down to a cup of tea with them and ensuring there are various celebrations throughout the year!

Good luck in your award category Dave!