Link Up volunteer Billie-Rae Dolan is one of this year’s seven Saltire Summit Award winners. Billie has gone above and beyond totalling over 200 hours during her time volunteering. Throughout her time at Link Up she has been involved in activities ranging from dancing, arts and crafts, community engagement events and family groups.

Billie has made a positive impact on the organisation through her excellent leadership. She has enhanced the dance group by attending training sessions to improve its facilitation, she takes the lead in choreographing routines, promotes the group and has helped arrange for the dancers to attend competitions. Above all, Billie is known at Link Up for providing support to younger participants; she is generous in passing on her artistic skills and develops dance routines in an inclusive way. Many of the younger members of the group also gravitate towards her for guidance and advice. This has helped many young people at Link Up build their confidence, therefore Billie is a well-deserving Saltire Summit Award recipient.

Congratulations Billie!