Link Up Whitfield is known as a busy place with several groups running everyday and the community flowing in and out. Wonder how workers Gill and Dave keep it running smoothly? Read about a typical Monday for them below!


9:15 – Grab some money for bingo prizes, pick up a volunteer and head to the shops. I spend ages trying to get decent but not too expensive prizes that will appeal to a wide audience – it’s not easy!

10:10 – I get back to the office and volunteers have arrived for gardening group. I make a cup of tea for everyone, set up bingo prizes and chat to the guys about garden plans. A couple of the guys have been to a course at the weekend and they tell us what they learned and how we can use it in the garden. There is a new volunteer for gardening group today so I spend a bit of time introducing everyone and making sure he feels welcome. 🌱

10:30 – I’ll head outside and get the guys started with the gardening; find the right tools, the box of seeds and make sure everyone is safe.

10:45 – The food for our family bingo session is delivered by another local charity. I’ll take the delivery, organise the food and make teas and coffees.🥪

11:00 – I Quickly check my emails and organise a tour for men’s group and an art project for teenager’s group. I arrange to pick up hoodies that have been ordered for the dance group tomorrow.

11:15 – Families start arriving for the bingo session and help themselves to lunch. I run around organising bingo books, a float and pens for everyone while setting up bingo tables.

11:45 – Our new admin volunteer arrives to help us out with planning for our volunteer celebration event. I quickly help him get set up and give him some jobs to do during bingo.

11:55 – More people have arrived for bingo than anticipated (50 people!!!!) so I quickly grab some extra tables and chairs.

12:15 – Unfortunately we have no bingo caller today so I call with my best bingo-lingo. Legs ELEVEN!!!! (In between games I make sure the admin volunteer is ok and have a quick chat with the walking group who have just arrived.)

13:00 – We have a tea break and I run the lucky dip for the children at the session. ☕

Some of the volunteers help with the cleaning up and I finish on time to pick up my kids from school. Phew!



9:15 – Arrive after dropping my kids at school, quickly set up my laptop and log into my emails – there are lots to check! 💻

– The phone goes constantly today and so does the door buzzer!

– A volunteer comes in for a chat about their group so I stop what I am doing so that we can go over a few things.

– I complete some admin stuff – petty cash returns, purchase orders and update my diary with meetings that have been booked.

12:30 – I go out for a walk with the walking group. It’s nice to get away from my computer for a wee while!

13:00 – I return with the walking group and get the kettle on. We have a chat over a coffee until one of the participants is picked up by his daughter.

13:30 – I quickly grab a bowl of soup!🥣

-I go back to my computer – sort through emails, reports, arrange meetings, get orders in for groups, sort holiday cover and print off some photos for Camera Club to go on the wall.

-I complete the last of the Volunteer Award nominations – the deadline is today!

17:00 – I grab a quick bite to eat before setting up for Camera Club tonight (teas, coffees, biscuits etc)

18:00- Camera Club starts and has two new members tonight! We head out for a wander up Longhaugh Hill and Murrayfield Allotments to take some photos. Then we come back to have a look through the photos and warm up over a cup of tea.📷

20:00 – I tidy up and lock up the building.