Volunteering Matters Action Earth 2020

This year has seen tragic losses and difficult challenges across the projects we support in Scotland. The stories we have heard about your work and volunteers have been both heart-breaking and inspiring.  What has impressed us most is the hope for the future that has come from the practical help, adaptability and friendship you have shared in unprecedented times.

We are now accepting applications for Volunteering Matters Action Earth 2020, in the hope that we can help support you to rebuild slowly, steadily and safely while carrying out all the essential environmental work that you do which benefits local communities across Scotland.

Any group of 15 or more volunteers can apply for our £250 awards to help make a difference outdoors in their local green spaces. We also have a very limited number of £500 grants for projects which primarily involve people with defined health conditions (outlined on our website).

Successful applicants will be expected to observe any current or developing guidelines and recommendations around Covid-19, and put the safety of their volunteers and staff first. You should only apply for our grants once you feel certain you can carry out your activities according to Scottish Government guidance.

We recommend starting small, planning your event by breaking activities into smaller manageable groups and tasks and where possible spreading activities over a longer timescale. This will aid with distancing measures and tool-sharing practicalities. To help further, we are extending the campaign to February 2021, which will assist groups who are looking to carry out later activities such as winter tree planting.

Action Earth grant funding is provided by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)

To APPLY for an Action Earth grant, please follow this link:


Focus on #allotmentangels by Susan Wilson

Includeme2club volunteers working on our #allotmentangels project in Glasgow have been hugely impacted by the lockdown. A lot of our volunteers have additional support needs and disabilities with underlying health issues and many haven’t been able to get here.  The volunteers that have managed to get down for some exercise have been planting vigorously to keep a good supply of flowers and vegetables growing throughout the season. We have over 50 vegetable and herb plants areas growing, and our plan is to keep an abundance growing 12 months of the year.Our garden is a tranquil place where we can sit and listen to the wild birds or keep busy planting and weeding. There is always so much to do. We are currently upcycling old frames and attaching them to the steel fence with plant pots in the middle. We have also created a rainbow plot with carrots, beetroot & radishes – all of which are colours of the rainbow.  Very appropriate and inspiring.

We cannot thank Volunteering Matters Action Earth enough for your grant last year which helped us transform an area within the plot for nursery kids. These pockets of money are so important to projects like this where so much can achieved.