Ocean Youth Trust  Scotland is delighted to offer the opportunity to give young people a life changing experience onboard one of our offshore vessels, and what’s better for a fraction of the normal price!

We have a few dates left in this season and we would like to offer these to you as a way to: push your young people; challenge them; open their eyes to new opportunities; or direct them to a more positive place. “We already do this…you say”, of course you do, that’s Youth work! However now imagine offering this to them in a completely new environment, taking them completely out of their comfort zone, where the only option is to work together and push on..

Normally this opportunity costs £6,480 for 10 young people and 2 group leaders (covering the cost of food, accommodation onboard, qualifications and specialist equipment) however we are offering these voyages to schools and community groups in Dundee for only £3,000…that’s over half price!

The dates available are –
11th – 15th September
2nd – 6th October
9th – 13th October
23rd – 27th October
6th – 10th November

But don’t just take my word for it, check out some of our videos and see what it’s all about – here

If this is of interest to you I would be more than happy to come through and meet with you to discuss it further


Tel: 01475 722 722
Direct Dial: 01475883145
Mobile: 07415377751
Email: Alistair@oytscotland.org.uk