If you are new in post, or haven’t done much training in this field or even if you’d like to brush up your skills and knowledge, these learning bytes may be for you.

All the sessions are informal and interactive and are good networking opportunities too. It’s always good to learn from each other. Each session lasts 3 hours – you can pick and choose from the sessions, there’s no obligation to sign up for all four!

The training is mapped to the Volunteer Friendly Award website so participating in the training will help you provide evidence for your Volunteer Friendly portfolio.

Session 1:
Commitment to Involving Volunteers (Getting started with volunteering)

Session 2:
Fair and Equal Volunteering (Volunteer recruitment)

Session 3:
Exceeding Volunteers Expectations (Volunteer development)

Session 4:
Celebrating Volunteers Achievements and Engaging with the Media (Volunteer recognition and letting people know about it)

Session 5:
Dealing with Tricky Volunteering Situations (Making sure issues are dealt with in a consistent and fair way)

Bespoke Training:

Volunteer Centre Dundee can provide tailor-made training on request to suit your needs as an organisation. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help further by either calling 01382 305705 or emailing: volunteer@dvva.scot.