Volunteer Dundee is one of the partners in the Dundee Third Sector Interface.

In addition to ourselves, our partners are:

The Dundee TSI exists to fulfil the following purpose:


To build and enable resilient, sustainable and inclusive communities in Dundee, working with people, civil society and organisations to build social capital.

Strategic Objectives:

  • To work together effectively to maximise resources that will help deliver thriving, sustainable and inclusive communities in Dundee through voluntary/social action, volunteering and social enterprise
  • To ensure the Third Sector is a key partner in Community Planning

The partnership is managed by an Interface Management Group, which consists of 2 Board members from each partner organisation; whilst the Board members are there to represent the interests of their primary organisation they required to act primarily in the interests of the achievement of the Interface’s objectives.

In operating as a partnership, the three organisations have agreed that no single organisation has primacy, and all members are equal.  We work collectively to achieve the outcomes provided to us by the Scottish Government, recognising that in some areas we each have specialist knowledge and skills.

To find out more about Dundee TSI and the work we do please content Volunteering & Organisational Development Manager, Anita Jamieson on anitajamieson@dvva.scot.

New website for the TSI coming soon….watch this space