Offer Your Skills As A Volunteer

You may have a particular professional skill which you would like to use as a volunteer (such as being a photographer). Or you are looking for a particular role which you can’t find on our database. Or you want to work from home or have time constraints which will require a customised role developed for you.

By completing the form below, you can advertise your services to 250+ volunteer-involving organisations that we have contact with by email. Before doing so, please check the database of opportunities to see if you can find what you are looking for there.

How it works

Volunteer Centre Dundee will circulate your details in the form you completed to all the volunteer-involving organisations on our database. Some of these organisations may then contact you by phone or email to enquire about using your services. Please be aware that you may get any number of replies, though you can probably expect 4 or 5.

This service is not for you if you are looking for befriending work, work in day centres or with children or basic admin, etc. If this is what you want to do, it is likely that you will find something already on our database that will be suitable. If you are uncertain of what you would like to do, ring 01382 305705 to make an appointment to come into the Voluntary Gateway and an advisor will talk over the options with you.

You can’t use this service to advertise goods and services in exchange for a financial or other reward.

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