Recruiting Volunteers

We can advertise your volunteer roles through our volunteer drop-in service at Voluntary Gateway Dundee and online via Volunteer Dundee & Volunteer Scotland websites. To access this service we ask you to first register your organisation/group with us and then complete an opportunity form for each volunteer role you want to advertise. We provide guidance notes to support you to complete the opportunity form and we can help you with this if required.

Advertise your Opportunities

You can do this in two easy steps: complete the organisation registration form and then the volunteer opportunity form for each role you wish to advertise.

Step 1: Register your organisation

You only need to register your organisation once. Once registered, we expect you to inform us of any changes to your details.

Step 2: Register your Volunteer Roles

You need to complete one form per opportunity. The reason for this is to ensure each opportunity is listed on the website which will make it quick to find and your organisation will have a higher profile on the database and website.

When completing this form it’s worth remembering that this is a chance to “sell” your organisation to prospective volunteers, so keep your content interesting, easy to understand and to the point. It is worth giving thought to how you complete these forms as it could attract people who will give hundreds of hours to your organisation, so time well spent.

Before recruiting volunteers, your organisation needs to have a clear understanding of what tasks they are to do. Organisations that can offer interesting and productive tasks will find it easier to attract and keep volunteers. Different people will, of course, find different tasks interesting but the design of the volunteer opportunity is important.

Read the Opportunity Guide which will help you to fill out the form.

If you need any advice about completing these forms please contact us at