Sophie Downes is receiving a Saltire Summit Award at the Inspire Awards for her voluntary role as a Police Scotland Senior Youth Volunteer. She received this award based on her mix of leadership skills along with her excellent ability to work within a team.

Sophie has been with PSYV Dundee East since the beginning (2017), and has shown signs of being a great leader since then.  For example, she is confident in passing information to the rest of the team and is never afraid to ask her group for assistance.  She also has no problems in approaching staff if there are any issues above her abilities and is known for dealing fairly, and maturely with sensitive matters.

When the group are taking part in activities Sophie often recognises good work and behaviour, and demonstrates positive leadership skills by praising youth volunteers in her team throughout events.  Not only does she demonstrate being a good leader within the group but she is also polite and approachable when talking to the public. Sophie works well as an individual leader but also uses her initiative to do her bit for the team.  She is keen to make everyone feel involved in all activities and is quickly able to identify when someone is not engaging or struggling in the session. For instance, she once discovered that one of the youth volunteers struggled with writing in their notebooks and without being asked, she sat each week with him and supported him while completing the task. Sophie is therefore a worthy Saltire Summit Award winner as she positively contributes to PSYV, other youth volunteers’ time and the community. Well done Sophie!

Rachel – Media Volunteer at Volunteer Dundee