We at Champions For Children raise money to assist the vulnerable and destitute of Gweru, Zimbabwe which includes a street children’s programme. We assist in the community with destitute children living on the street and our aim is to broaden that to other vulnerable and disadvantaged in Gweru. There is currently 90% unemployment in Zimbabwe. We will provide skills training in agriculture and broaden that to other skills with the help of local institutions. We believe in fishing rods instead of fish.

You will market a Rotary Club Of Dundee event on Social Media. A sponsored Teddy Bear Parachute Jump! This will form part of a Family Fun Day in Dundee. You will encourage families with young children through social media and blogging to register for the event. We have set up an events page on Facebook as well as a group page. Both of these are called “Teddy Bear Parachute Jump”

You can make your own hours but we recommend minimum 2 hours per day 5 days per week when social media is at its most active. As well as gaining experience and enhancing your skills you will experience the satisfaction of contributing to a very worthy cause namely the start up of an Agricultural Skill Training Programme for the vulnerable and disadvantaged in Gweru, Zimbabwe.