Bield Housing & Care work to enable older people to live independent and fulfilling lives by being a leading and innovative provider of high quality appropriate housing, care and support services.

By sparing just a couple of hours per week, you could make a huge difference to the life of an older person. The first of our tenants spends much of her time alone and would enjoy having a chat, sometimes going out for a walk or shopping. The second individual is not so mobile, but likes to walk short distances within the development and is interested in doing some light gardening, if possible. He has vascular dementia and has a walker and wheelchair. His wife believes he would benefit hugely from the company of another person, to help keep him stimulated.
Aside from the rewarding feeling you’ll get from helping someone, you really will be making a difference to the lives of our tenants. You will gain valuable experience, meet new people and contribute positively to your local community. We’d love to have you on board!
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