We are excited to announce that nominations for the Youth Volunteering awards are now open!

Please find attached the relevant documents for completing your nomination(s).

Please note, there will only be one window of opportunity for the “Youth Volunteering Team award” and “Youth Friendly Organisation” HOWEVER the “Saltire Summit award” nominations will be open ALL YEAR with the timing of the nominations submission determining what award ceremony it will be considered for.

You can submit nominations between now and Monday 31st July 2017 at 5pm to saltireawards@volunteerdundee.org.uk for the upcoming Youth Volunteering awards Ceremony later this year.

Saltire Summit awards – Do you know an exceptional young volunteer(s) aged 12-25 who goes above and beyond expectations – nominate them for this award! This award recognises an individual’s outstanding contribution to volunteering and who is hard working, committed and respected in their role. A volunteer is nominated for this award by the organisation they volunteer for (e.g. their school, college or local volunteer development worker) and we award a maximum of 12 per year in Dundee. PLEASE NOTE – THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT TO COMPLETE 200 HOUR SALTIRE AWARD BEFORE FOR NOMINATION.Saltire awards would like to recognise all young people who have gone above and beyond and exceeded expectations.

Youth Volunteering Team award – Do you know a team of young volunteers aged 12-25 who have gone above and beyond expectations – we want to hear about it! The Youth Volunteering Team awards will recognise the efforts of a team of young volunteers who have done something extraordinary! This award is for a team of young people who work together on a specific project or activity for the benefit of the local community or organisation.

Youth Friendly Organisation – We’re on the lookout for 2017’s Youth Friendly Organisation. “An organisation which  engages exceptionally well with young volunteers, provides them with rewarding & satisfying volunteering roles in a supportive & welcoming environment”. We are looking for an organisation who provide a variety of volunteering roles which are adaptable for individuals and value their young volunteers by recognising their contributions.

On behalf of the Youth Volunteering Ambassadors, we look forward to receiving your nominations!