We are on the hunt for a great volunteer manager/coordinator in Dundee to be nominated for Volunteer Manager of the Year.

Excellent volunteer managers lead to excellent volunteers. They support, organise and develop their volunteers to ensure they provide a volunteering role that is meaningful and well recognised by the organisation. They ensure that their volunteers feel valued and their contribution is recognised and are always seeking opportunities to develop and further enhance the volunteering experience. They help make the volunteering organisation a really great place to volunteer where volunteers are valued for their contribution.

With so many organisations involving volunteers we know that there are some great volunteer managers out there – if you are a family member, volunteer or friend please tell us about the great work that they do for volunteering in Dundee!

To nominate a Volunteer Manager that you know who supports volunteers in Dundee visit http://www.volunteerdundee.org.uk/news/general-news/nominate-now-for-volunteer-dundees-awards-2018/