Knowledge_Exchange_Network“A professional volunteering initiative, to support the voluntary and community sector in Dundee”

Our vision is to work with partners in order to build a sustainable Social Enterprise that will release invaluable knowledge and expertise, through skilled corporate volunteering, into the Third Sector. We aim to engage and work with various stakeholders to deploy corporate volunteering systems in accordance to their CSR programmes, identify opportunities for volunteering within the Third Sector, and finally connect the corporate volunteers with these opportunities.

From the Third Sector viewpoint:

Participation in the “Knowledge Exchange Network” and connection with skilled corporate volunteers will provide any organisation with a so much needed competitive edge in such a highly antagonistic environment. Benefits for third sector organisations:

  • Have easy and quick access to a “think tank” of expertise.
  • Get tailored advice, depending on your needs.
  • Helping grow your organisation and network.
  • Corporate volunteers will add up additional physical as well as mental labour to the existing force of third sector employees.

From the private sector perspective:

This project will fit seamlessly into an already existing CSR programme, adding further value to it, while taking the administration burden away from the business processes. Benefits for the private sector business include:

  • Helping your company achieve more through CSR.
  • Supporting sustainable growth in the voluntary sector locally.
  • Staff development and retention advantages.
  • Brand association and reputation avails.

If interested then for further information please contact, or, or call us on 01382 797359.