Congratulations go to the first 2 care homes in Scotland who have achieved the Volunteer Friendly Award quality standard in Volunteer Management: Menzieshill House and Craigie House in Dundee have shown their commitment to effectively involving volunteers within their homes.

“We are delighted to award both these care homes with the Volunteer Friendly Award and it is great to see opportunities for people to volunteer within a care home setting which will have great benefits for both residents and volunteers. Anyone applying to these care homes to volunteer can do so in the knowledge that they will be well managed and supported”

Wendy Taylor, Volunteering Team Leader, Volunteer Dundee

Each care home has demonstrated excellent volunteer management practice providing evidence that they are committed to involving volunteers effectively and fairly following the five strands of the Volunteer Friendly Award. The care homes had worked with Anne Leslie of Volunteer Dundee who supported them to develop their own framework, practices and procedures to support volunteers within each home. At the end of this project each care home was successfully assessed to show that they met the award standards.

“The support received from Anne was invaluable to aid understanding in how to effectively support volunteers. The volunteer support folders established, helped to guide us through good practice and is an easy to use toolkit to ensure both volunteers and residents get the most from the experience.”

Angela Smith, Resource Manager, Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership

“We are happy to have welcomed our first volunteers into our care home. The direction and support from Volunteer Dundee and in particular Anne Leslie was invaluable in ensuring that we have a robust process in place to recruit and support new volunteers and we are delighted to have achieved the Volunteer Friendly Award at the end of the process”

Lynn Thain, Team Manager, Menzieshill House

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Photo caption “Volunteer Friendly Award Plaques presented to the first two care homes in Scotland ”

From left Angela Smith, Resource Manager Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership, Sarah Clark, Team Manager (Craigie House), Lynn Thain, Team Manager ( Menzieshill House), Wendy Taylor, Team Leader Volunteer Dundee