I work for Volunteer Dundee and manage the community projects run by them. The projects are based in some of the most deprived areas in Dundee and all have volunteering at the heart of the project.

I have been with Volunteer Dundee for 4 ½ years and in that time I have had two different roles. I initially was taken on as Team Leader Volunteering and as the name suggest my role was to support volunteering throughout the city. This involved developing roles and training for volunteers internally in the first instance, and looking at different ways to market our offer.

I worked closely with other members of the TSI and developed TSI induction training for staff and volunteers.

In September 2015 my role changed to Team Leader projects and I found myself based out in our community office in Whitfield, overseeing Link Up, three Timebanks and Discoverin’ Families. Being in the heart of the community allowed me to rediscovered the joys of working directly with people again and be reminded of just how powerful volunteering is in making positive changes in people’s lives.

I am often to be found office bound writing funding bids for existing and new projects, and being on hand and at the heart of the projects helps!

In a previous life I trained in Catering Management and worked for 10 years in St Andrews University, managing student residences catering. The University developed a strong holiday conference and visitor experience using the halls of residencies and funnily enough, the visitors thought the food was great – unlike the students who usually moaned about it! And yes it was the same food!

I moved into the 3rd sector after a short career break and have worked in the field of disability and learning difficulties. It was in these roles that I discovered the power of volunteering. I worked closely with the Volunteer Centre (now Volunteer Dundee) even joining their board, until I became a member of the staff team in 2013.

In my spare time I enjoy catching up with friends over coffee, lunch or, occasionally, drinks! I have family in a variety of places and spend time visiting them. My son lives in Spain and I am learning Spanish to help when I visit!

Speak to me about anything to do with volunteering, including informal stuff that people might not even think is volunteering. Breaking down social isolation and removing barriers to participation is a real interest of mine (although I do not claim to be an expert!)

Happy to talk to groups about volunteering and it’s benefits and can deliver TSI induction training. Always happy to discuss new areas of work and how we can work together to ensure TSI and all it’s outcomes are represented in all we do.