A PhD Student at the University of Dundee School of Medicine needs healthy volunteers for a Research Project. She is studying the effect of pressure on the foot in diabetic patients and needs some healthy volunteers to compare the results.

Foot problems in patients with diabetes can be related to circulation. The Research Project will be looking at subtle changes in the skin blood flow when different in-shoe pressures are applied to the foot. This is a non-invasive study and will involve two visits to our laboratory in Ninewells Hospital.

Volunteers should be:

  •         Age 55 to 75.
  •         Have no known lower limb vascular or neurological conditions.
  •         Have no foot deformity or previous foot surgery.
  •         Have no pathology of the spine/lower limbs which results in an inability to walk unaided.
  •         Have no previous cardiovascular intervention, Angina or heart attack.

They hope this  work will provide some valuable information about how small blood vessels function in diabetes. Should anyone decide to volunteer, their cooperation and support for this study would be very much appreciated and would be a great contribution to the ongoing research related to the lower limb and foot problems in diabetes.

For more information or to apply please contact Rania Edris, PG Research Student at the School of Medicine, r.g.o.m.edris@dundee.ac.uk.