Festive Fun at Volunteer Dundee

We were delighted to host a Festive Fun session at our offices on Tuesday 12th December for our Volunteers and Staff.

By the end of the two hours our bellies were full of yummy mulled apple juice, mince pies, authentic Greek Christmas treats (thanks Nikolaos) and authentic German Gingerbread (thanks Pat) and our brains were pickled from Christmas quizzes and games (thanks Anne and Amira for being Quiz Mistresses extraordinaire)!

2017 has been an extremely busy year for Volunteer Dundee, with new projects being created (Knowledge Exchange Network and Make it Happen) and projects being extended and expanded (Dial-OP Morning Call Service and Link Up to name only a few) and we have welcomed some new friends (‘Hi’ to Eric, Joe, Amanda, Nikolaos and David) and have said ‘Goodbye’ to some old ones (Kirsty, Derek, Adelle, Darryl, Emma, Joe, Elizabeth and Nikolaos again – who was on a years internship with us).

We have also been fortunate to host a number of Students over the year, so our sincerest thanks to Emma, Jennifer, Robert, Alyssa and Nadine who have been involved in many of our projects over the past year.

Volunteer Dundee wouldn’t be able to do half of the things we do without our wonderful volunteers – there are too many of you to mention, but thanks to all the volunteers who give their time and energies to our Dial-Op, Link Up, Make it Happen, Discoverin’ Families projects along with our Office Volunteers, Volunteer Friendly Peer Assessors, Youth Ambassadors, and Board Members.


Thanks to all our Volunteers and Service Users and we hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year when it comes,

From all the Staff of Volunteer Dundee