Dundee Design Parade is taking place on Saturday 26th May at 3pm leaving from Dundee City Square. This is the first ever design-focused street parade celebrating design in all its forms in the UK’s only UNESCO City of Design.

The Parade is FREE and a highlight event of Dundee Design Month 2018 – a month long programme of over 50 inspiring design related activities, workshops, exhibitions, tours, talks and events. The Parade promises to be a riot of colour, music and design and showcasing a genuine collaboration between Dundee’s Young People and the international UNESCO Cities of Design Network.

More than 500 young people from across Dundee will come together as part of Year of Young People 2018 and organise the Parade.  Volunteer Dundee’s Youth Ambassadors and young people from our Link Up Whitfield project will be taking part. Each group of young people has been given an item from one of the Cities of Design which represents their unique design story and the task is from this item to turn that into colourful flags, banners, costumes, music, dance, puppets and more for the Parade. We have been paired up Bilbao in the North of Spain.

More to follow.